What is Fairhope Single Tax?


The Beautiful Downtown area of Fairhope, its Recreational Parks and so much more are possible because of this Corporation. Having celebrated over 100 years, the vision of Henry George that evolved into the Fairhope Single Tax Corporation is clearly going strong.  The Constitution of FSTC was organized as the Fairhope Industrial Asssociation in Des Moines, Iowa and founded in Fairhope, AL in January 1895. The ideas of Populist Movement of that time, gave them the confidence that they could give everyone a "fair hope" to live in a beautiful, useful community.  What was once an experiment has contributed to Fairhope being one of the most vital small South Alabama communities whose efforts have made a signifigant impact on Fairhope and the entire Eastern Shore Community.  A list of all of their contributions since 1931 are found on their website, www.fairhopesingletax.com.   In 2015, they are working on a sidewalk for Morphy Avenue and an Environmental Science Study Pond for Fairhope High School. Having helped Fairhope Schools in many projects over the years, they even helped make the current Fairhope Library a reality.  Enjoyment of Founders Park, Bay Front Park and many others around Fairhope  are also thanks to this Tax Corporation. Leasees can take pride in the fact that they are contributing to these efforts and the community they live in. You don't have to be a leasee to join.  Stop by and find out how you can to play a part. Today FSTC owns about 4,000 acres of land and continue to keep the Dream alive of a "Fair hope" kind of place people want to live.  This concept continues to grow as the community grows. For more information stop by and see them at 336 Fairhope Avenue. or give them a call at 251.928.8162.